Avenue5 Consulting Press Release – $540Bn Debt Mountain – January 2022


London, UK, 27 January 2022 – Avenue5 Consulting presents analysis of the travel eco-system $540 Billion debt mountain and the impact on the corporate travel buyer and budgets

In the first of a series of four core strategy events, this inaugural event for the Institute of travel management buyers and invited guests, Avenue5 Consulting provided powerful insight into the re-financing of the travel eco-system and the impact on the travel buyer and budgets.

Avenue5 Consulting has considerable experience working as a trusted advisor with multiple hedge funds, venture capitalists and financial institutions. These entities have powered a record financial investment in airlines, hotels, ground transportation, travel management companies, and technology/mobility start-ups.

Prices have been lower across the board in 2021 and Q1-2022 as the supply chain aggressively re-engages corporate companies to travel again, however they are operating at near break-even level. Once the demand returns, the supply chain needs to recoup their losses, service their debt, and provided meaningful returns for their financial investors. This will result in higher costs for the travel buyer. The event attendees learnt about the scale of financial intervention and strategy deployment to mitigate the risk of rising prices which have been forecast at 5-9% for hotels and 3.5-4.5% for airlines in the latter half of Q3-2022.

Mark O’Brien, founder and managing partner of Avenue5 Consulting, stated that pre-pandemic levels are unlikely to return until 2024-25, however the sheer scale of intervention is a further indicator of confidence in the longevity and attractiveness of travel.

Scott Davies, CEO of ITM, commented, Suppliers within the travel ecosystem have shown great resilience during the pandemic and have needed to seek and secure additional funding in most cases. As the recovery gets under way it is important for buyers and suppliers to understand the commercial pressures and dynamics on each side. This session gave great insights for buyers and suppliers alike to grasp the opportunities available in such a way that suppliers can continue to plan and invest going forward.

For more information about this event and Avenue5 Consulting please contact Mark O’Brien at mark@avenue5consulting.com or visit our website www.avenue5consulting.com

About Avenue5 Consulting

Avenue5 Consulting is a dedicated management consultancy for, corporate travel, meetings, payment, and expense. Offering strategic and tactical; advisory and management services, and category consulting for its clients to achieve extraordinary outcomes.

Avenue5 Consulting mission is to power their client’s success by making the most of their travel investment and advancing one step forward together, the corporate travel, meetings, payment, and expense industry.

Founded by Mark O’Brien, a senior level executive with 35-years’ experience, 12 of which have been spent in a consulting capacity to several of the world’s largest consumers of travel. Avenue5 Consulting understands that successful teams work together, often in highly complex and fast-moving environments and certainly cross functional in different geographic locations, Avenue5 Consulting brings together the very best specialist resources with deep expertise to solve the unique challenges and opportunities that exist in the corporate travel, meetings, payment, and expense industry.

Avenue5 Consulting core values of, integrity, respect, and transparency are built into its DNA, and it aspires to be its clients trusted advisor delivering the results companies need with crystal clear transparency.


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