We can’t always control what happens, but we can control our response

The impact of Covid-19 on the travel industry throughout the world is significant and leading travel management companies, suppliers, and product vendors alike have endured tremendous upheaval. Debt restructuring and arrangements for new liquidity have a direct impact on the travel eco-system. As your trusted travel consultant, we understand the complexities but also the opportunities that now exist.

That’s why we offer our trusted advisory service

Whether you are institutional investors or banks, hedge funds, global consulting firms, industry consortia, information services and insight networks or leading supply chain groups, you need an informed, experienced, and trusted advisor. Our travel consulting services deliver opinion with laser focus analysis combined with unparalleled expertise.


Institutional investors and banks,
hedge funds and global consultancy

Avenue5 Consulting understands risk management and we are actively engaged and retained by several institutional investors, hedge funds and global consulting firms. Our advisory’s focus today is to provide informed intelligence on pre-covid activity versus potential post-covid recovery. This mainly focuses on company sales performance, client retention, product differentiation, risk management and competitive landscape. As your trusted travel consulting services, our consulting travel professionals work as part of your team or independently. In some instances, we are retained to lead your internal research teams. With the support of our advisory, Our business travel consultants can help you make better informed investment decisions.


Industry consortia

Our industry is fortunate in respect that it has a plethora of professional industry consortia groups such as Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), International Air Transport Association (IATA), The Business Travel Association (BTA), Institute of Travel Management (ITM) etc. These associations together represent the views of corporate companies with a combined travel spend in excess of $2 trillion. As trusted travel consulting services, we provide informed opinion on topical subject matter and have been regularly featured on leading industry event panels and speaker forums.


Information services and Insight

Avenue5 Consulting is proud to offer services to many of the leading global information services and insight network companies. We understand the fast-moving environment that these organizations operate within and the exacting requirements of their customers. When accelerated research is required, we are on-hand as their trusted advisor to offer meaningful and informed opinion.


Supply chain providers

We understand the travel, meetings, payment, and expense eco-system. Our advisory offers unique insight into the buying habits of corporations and travel management companies, and how this has changed over the last 18 months. We offer our travel consulting services to airlines, hotel groups, payment and expense providers, and product pioneers to offer informed opinion and strategic insight. With our advisory, your penetration, adoption, and market share increase.

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